Past European and National Programs

Past European and National Programs

European programs

  • Aquafisrt: Combined genetic and functional genomic approaches for stress and disease resistance marker assisted selection in fish and shellfish
  • Aquafunc: Integrated knowledge on functional genomics in sustainable aquaculture
  • Aquagenome: Genomic in fish and shellfish: from research to aquaculture
  • Cascade: Chemicals as contaminants in the food chain
  • Pubertimning: Photoperiod control of puberty in farmed fish: Development of new techniques and research into underlying physiological mechanisms
  • Reprofish: Integrating basic and applied knowledge on finfish reproduction
  • Life Cycle

National programs

  • Agenop: Systematic and comparative analysis of gene expression during the spermatogenetic maturation
  • Ostroreprod: Regulation of the brain and gondal functions involved in the gonadotrope axis: Role of the estradiol in trout using a transcriptome approach
  • Spermgen: Gene expression profiling and functional analysis in trout Spermatogenesis: Gene expression profiles and regulation
  • and ...

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13 February 2023


Patrick Prunet participate in this national programm ANR-13-ADAP- 0001-03
National program coordinated by Julien Bobe (selected in 2016)
A project in collaboration with the Inra laboratory "Nutrition, Metabolism, Aquaculture" of Saint Pée sur Nivelle
National program coordinated by Yann Guiguen and Julien Bobe (seleced in 2016)
Project funded by a joint call by the Marine biotechnology ERA-Net and the COFASP (Cooperation in Fisheries, Aquaculture and Seafood Processing)
AQUAEXCEL2020, a Horizon 2020 research infrastructure project, aims to support the sustainable growth of the aquaculture sector in Europe. AQUAEXCEL2020 comprises a large group of leading European aquaculture research facilities that work towards advanced integration and standardisation of tools for aquaculture research. AQUAEXCEL2020 aims to offer services tailored to the needs of the European aquaculture community and support and conduct world-class aquaculture research.
FranceAgriMer funded project in partnership with the SYSAAF
Program IFCPAR/CEFIPRA (Centre Franco-Indien for research promotion)
CRB Anim is a network of biological resource centers housing reproductive material and genomic samples from French domestic species. The goal of this infrastructure is to provide samples and knowledge about the samples to sustain research dedicated to answering major concerns about biodiversity threatening, and to face this new era of genomics where the relationship between phenotype and genotype in domestic animals is at stake. CRB Anim is a national program "Infrastructure for research in biology and health". The project is extended until 2022

13 February 2023


National program
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