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Current programs

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National program coordinated by Florent Murat (selected in 2023)
Pierre-Yves Rescan, Amaury Herpin, Cecile Duret, Alexandra Depincé take part in this project
CAVEMOM is a fundamental research project involving 2 French and 1 Swiss partner over 4 years
The FishMuSC project "Cellular and molecular dynamics of muscle stem cells during muscle hyperplasia decline in trout" will be funded by ANR over the period 2021-2024. This project will be coordinated by Jean-Charles Gabillard.
LPGP is a partner in the new european program AQUASERV "Research infrastructure services for sustainable aquaculture, fisheries and the blue economy"
Where does your seafood come from? In Europe, some 75% of such products are imported, so it is important to ensure the long-term sustainable growth of aquaculture in Europe. That is the mission of the H2020 AQUAEXCEL project, which began in 2011 and is now evolving into its third incarnation: AQUAEXCEL3.0. This INRAE-coordinated European research infrastructure project brings together 22 partners, including Ifremer and the University of Lorraine, which coordinate a network of 40 aquaculture experimentation facilities in 11 different countries. The network makes it possible to carry out biological and technological experiments on all the species and farming systems used by European aquaculture. Research infrastructure projects play a vital role in structuring European research efforts.

28 March 2023


AQUA-FAANG is a program funded by the European Commission and involves 24 partners
STAYIN'ALIVE: a project aimed at "Understanding and preventing mortalities induced by sexual maturation in Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus)" and funded by the European Funds for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (FEAMP)

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