Sexual Maturation, Cryoconservation and Regeneration

Sexual Maturation, Cryoconservation and Regeneration

Our research in fish aims to understand how the germinal stem cells in the male are programmed in order to achieve gametogenesis and to sustain fertility, in relation with the endocrine and paracrine regulators which control self renewal or differentiation of the cells. Our team is also focused on the role of the epigenetic profile that is established in the spermatozoa during spermatogenesis, its sensitivity to external factors and its role in embryo programming. Furthermore, we are setting the knowledge necessary to the cryopreservation and regeneration technologies for aquatic genetic resources management, with a specific focus on the risk assessment with regards to the progeny quality

3 scientific topics:

The application of our research is the puberty and fertility mastering in aquaculture, the release of reliable tools for the cryopreservation and regeneration of aquatic genetic resources, and the risk assessment of the reproductive technologies for the offspring.


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